Photographing Men

Photographing Men

Have I mentioned that I love photographing men? That when, from what I’ve noticed, most photographers tend to photograph women, in particular when it comes to fashion. So, I’d like to share here a few samples from my most recent photo shoots, of images of men.

Truth is that I had to test these beautiful new studio lights, and I needed models. I can take so many self portraits, and they do come in handy, because I never really have enough or up-to-date pictures of myself, but there’s nothing better than working with models, to be able, as a photographer, to actually be behind the camera (and lights).

So, luckily, I have quite some wonderful friends who are also my models. They’ve helped me over the years, and they’re my go-to models, whenever needed. And they showed up the other night, late night I might add, after a long and stressful day at work day. I appreciate it very much! (just wanted to post it here, too, to let them know, again :-))

While being friends and having worked with some them for years, the…connection, the chemistry if you want to call it that way, between photographer and model is already there. And that really helps. It also helps for the models, the subjects, to be comfortable enough with you and willing to pose as directed, while also adding their own personality and uniqueness to the shoot, to help the photographer create the image he/she is looking for.

While I plan on shooting more and posting more images from different photo shoots, for now, here are a few images from the night’s shoot:

This past summer I had the pleasure to photograph the same couple in front of graffiti art. Check it out here.

Here are a few more images from last night’s photo shoot.

My two models were nice enough to hang around, long enough and late as is was. I used two lights, two soft boxes, seamless background, and sometimes a reflector.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!



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