©Alina Oswald
Alina Oswald self-portrait. ©Alina Oswald

Welcome to my website! I am a writer, photographer, and author of JOURNEYS THROUGH DARKNESS: A BIOGRAPHY telling the story of the AIDS pandemic through the inspiring story of Kurt Weston, an award-winning, legally blind photographer.

In addition, I am Arts Editor of A&U Magazine–America’s AIDS Magazine . Check out more about A&U by watching Ron B’s show, No Boundaries: Up Close and Personal.

Recently I was again on Ron B’s show, No Boundaries: Up Close and Personal to chat about photography, women empowerment and much more. Check it out!


Also, I have written for Precise Moment an online photography publication, and contributed as a writer/photographer to Out IN Jersey Magazine and other publications.

I’m also an NYIP photography instructor. Check out what my NYIP students say about me (thank you very much!)

As a photographer, I specialize in covering portraits/headshots, editorials, and weddings/engagements. Whenever I have the chance, I cover nature and the environment. Here are a few samples from personal and other photography projects.

Feel free to browse through my website, and check out my Clients and Work Samples page.

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Links to more work samples are posted below:


Stock Photography

HIV Warriors prevention campaign; read more about HIV Warriors prevention campaign in A&U Magazine–America’s Magazine

Photo Books

Other Images

Or follow me on Instagram or my blog at

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Look forward to hearing from you!













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